“My business is my sanity. I don’t have to work, I choose to work, and I love what I do.”


Hey, my name’s Jess and I’m the Founder and Owner of Envy Media Management.

I am a self-confessed Facebook marketing addict, and my ideal day is spent brainstorming targeting and retargeting strategies, creating Facebook sales funnels and tracking campaign conversion rates.

I started Envy Media with a real genuine desire to want to share what I know about Facebook Marketing with small business owners in my local area.

After a successful 9 months of hosting workshops, providing one-on-one mentoring and offering ad management services, I decided to spread my reach further and offer my services to the broader small ‘biz’ online community.

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to successfully advertise your own business, or if you’d rather hand-ball the hard work over to me. I cater my services, share my strategies, and offer my expertise to all businesses big and small.

If you’d like to know more about the type of Facebook Ad Campaign I would recommend for your business, schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation, and I’d be happy to share my ideas with you.

I look forward to working with you, collaborating or speaking to you soon!


My story

I started studying Digital Marketing back in 2014, when my first son was born. It was a chance for me to help exercise my brain while navigating the challenges of being a stay at home Mum.

It wasn’t until baby number 2 came along, that I decided to start putting my knowledge into action, to help people learn digital marketing.

When I first started Envy Media, I was providing services in all areas of digital marketing, including web design, graphic design, PPC advertising, social media management and Facebook advertising.

While it’s been fun working on all the different aspects of digital marketing, I feel that my strengths and passion lie with Facebook Advertising, it’s complex and challenging and I love how much of a difference I can make to my client’s lives when I help them to master their Facebook Ads. So, I’ve decided to niche down and focus solely on what I love to do.

My business is my sanity. I don’t have to work, I choose to work, and I love what I do. I’m happiest when I can make your Ads profitable, and I’ll continue to hustle until I make that happen.

If you engage with me and my business, expect to receive plenty of late night emails, because I’m a night owl and I enjoy working in the peace and quite when my kids are tucked up in bed.

I’m no longer just a one-man band, I’ve now got a dedicated trainee learning the ropes of Facebook Advertising. This will allow us to take on more clients, while still maintaining a high quality of work.