When it comes to creating a high converting Facebook Ad Campaign, clever targeting coupled with an irresistible offer, plus conversational copy and appealing images will almost ALWAYS guarantee that you will get a positive response from your fans, customers, and target audience.

Selling directly from Facebook without first establishing a relationship with your audience, is kinda hard to pull off… kinda hard… but not impossible.

You’ve just got to put some extra thought, strategy, and tactic into creating your Ads and targeting them to the right people, at the right time.

Let me give you some examples of some clever targeting tricks that can help you create an Ad to increase sales for your retail and online store:


7 – Target people with an upcoming Birthday or Anniversary


Have you ever been asked this question: “What do you want for your birthday?” 

What if, a month or a fortnight before your birthday, you started seeing Ads in your newsfeed for a new pair of shoes, a handbag, watch or jewellery?

Targeting an Ad to people with an upcoming Birthday or Anniversary is a very clever tactic, because (for some people) it’s the only time of year that they have a license to spend money on themselves.

You could even couple the Ad with a Happy Birthday message and maybe even a special birthday discount! This might just stop them in their tracks and grab their attention quickly.

Here’s how you can target an Ad to someone with an upcoming birthday:

Audience > Detailed Targeting > Browse > Demographics > Life Events > Anniversary or Birthdays

Facebook Ad Targeting Birthdays

You can also target people that have a friend with an upcoming birthday, who has recently got engaged or married. This would be perfect for a florist, birthday card retailers or online gift registry.

You’re objective when it comes to marketing, is to solve a problem. Often remembering someone’s birthday, or finding the time to get a friend a present is a problem many of us ‘busy people’ face!

If you can make that a little easier, you’re onto a winner!

6 – Target Parents with children of a certain age


If you’re selling kids clothing, toys or furniture, this really is a great way to narrow down your target audience.

You can now even choose to target expectant parents.

The best part of targeting such a unique audience is that you can be specific with the type of product you’re promoting and write text that speaks directly to your chosen target audience.

For example, if you’re selling a product suitable for a newborn, you could target expectant parents and parents of children 0-12 months.

Audience > Detailed Targeting > Browse > Demographics > Parents > All Parents

You can select multiple age ranges, or scroll to the bottom and select all age ranges.

Just make sure, if you’re targeting only mums or dads, that you also choose for your Ad to only be shown to women or men.


5 – Target your Competitors’ fans


You can target people who currently like and follow a particular Facebook Page. This comes in really handy if you want to send your Ads to people who have an interest in the types of products you’re selling.

You’ll want to make sure you target a ‘big player’ in your industry, not just the corner store down the road. This is because you don’t want your audience to be too specific.

For example, if you’re a small furniture store, you could target people who like Harvey Norman, Nick Scali, Freedom and Domayne Furniture. They’re big franchise furniture stores that pay big $$ for advertising, so chances are, they have a large social media following.

Here’s how you can target your competitors:

Audience > Detailed Targeting > In the search bar, search the name of your competitor. If the name appears, select it. If it doesn’t appear, it means they don’t have a large enough fan base for you to target.

Once you’ve chosen a few of your competitors, click ‘suggestions’ and Facebook will give you ideas on other pages that you can target that are similar to those that you have chosen.

You can target multiple pages in one Ad, just like I have shown you in the above example, but it’s best to stick to a small amount so you can track results…


4 – Target friends of your Fans


This targeting option works particularly well for online stores that have a broad and rather generic target audience. Perhaps you stock clothing for men, women, and children. ,

Basically, you’re targeting people that are friends with your existing fans. It’s a form of referral business, because when they see your Ad in their newsfeed they’ll also see that one of their friends already likes your page, and that’s a positive endorsement from someone they know and trust.

Their comfort level to engage with and buy from you instantly increases.

See just above the Facebook Ad below, I can see which of my friends already likes this Business Page.

Here’s how you can target an Ad to friends of Fans:

Audience > Connections > Facebook Pages > Friends of people who like your Page


3 – Target people that have previously shown interest in your Page, Post or Ad.


This is what we call retargeting. Meaning, we’re targeting an audience that has already interacted with us on Facebook.

Facebook has many powerful retargeting options, most of which track website traffic and require installing a pixel on your website.

This form of retargeting doesn’t require you to have a website or install any code. Facebook is just going to keep track of everyone and anyone that; likes, shares, comments, or clicks on any of your posts or ads.

The data is then stored and saved as a ‘Custom Audience’. You can then choose to target this audience when creating Ads on Facebook.

Here are the steps to creating a ‘Custom Audience’

Step 1 – In the audience section of your Ad Campaign, under Custom Audience, click Create New and choose Custom Audience.

Step 2 – Select the option Engagement on Facebook

Step 3 – Select the ‘Page’ option

Step 4 – Choose the page you want to track, select which actions or events you want to include in your audience, how long you want to keep people in your audience and choose an audience name.

Step 5 – Wait for your audience to load, and appear in your Custom Audience section.

and there you go, you’ve got your custom audience set up, and you’ll be able to use this audience in all future Facebook Ad campaigns.

2 – Target people that are currently subscribed to your Email List


Email Marketing is quite old fashioned, but still extremely effective.

If you’re not currently collecting your customer’s email addresses when they make a purchase from your retail or online store, you should start doing it now. Email Marketing providers like Mail Chimp, Aweber of more advanced platforms like Convert Kit make it really easy to build and store a large list of email’s, and make it really easy for you to broadcast to your entire list just by creating and sending a single email.

If you’ve got a large list of subscribers, you can upload your email list to Facebook, allowing Facebook to match the email addresses to Facebook Profiles.

Once the upload is complete, you’ve got yourself a brand new audience that you can target your ads to.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 – In the audience section of your Ad Campaign, under Custom Audience, click Create New and choose Custom Audience.

Step 2 – Select Customer File

Step 3 – Choose to upload your own CSV file or if you have a MailChimp account, simply enter your login details to download your list of subscribers

Step 4 – Upload your CSV file, choose a name for your new audience, select next and follow the prompts to complete your upload. 

Step 5 – Wait for your audience to load, and appear in your Custom Audience section.


1 – Target people that visited your website, but didn’t checkout


There’s no doubt, that this type of targeting is the most powerful!

You’re targeting an audience that you KNOW are interested in your products, because they’ve been browsing your website! They just need a little extra push, incentive or information in order to get their credit card out.

A common and effective way to persuade them to come back and make a purchase is to provide a 10% discount code.

In order to target this type of audience, you’ll need to install a pixel on your website. Simply create a Facebook Tracking pixel in your Ads manager, and install it to the base code of your website. (or send it to your developer!)

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – In the audience section of your Ad Campaign, under Custom Audience, click Create New and choose Custom Audience.

Step 2 – Select Website Traffic

Step 3 – Make sure your pixel is active (green dot) and in the drop down box for Website traffic, choose ‘People visiting specific web pages but not others’. Include the urls that you want to track and exclude the urls that you don’t want to track (your checkout URL)

Step 5 – Wait for your audience to load, and appear in your Custom Audience section.

You can get creative with this type of targeting, by tracking people who visit certain product pages of your website. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to retargeting Ads to website traffic!


Parting words…

Have some fun, and remember to always test different variables with your targeting, track your results to allow you to see what audiences give you the best results & tweak your Ad Campaigns to get the best possible return on investment.

I’ve helped plenty of local, online and service-based business owners use Facebook to increase sales on their website, and the key determining factor in the success of their Ad Campaigns, was their willingness to learn all the powerful Facebook ad features, create a clear sales funnel strategy, target a defined audience and continue to test and track different variables within their Ad Campaigns.

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It’s now up to you!

Let me know how you go!

Enjoy & Speak soon,

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