Whether you’ve been advertising on Facebook for a while now, or flirting with the idea of creating your very first Facebook Ad – you’ll be really glad that you stumbled across this list of what I consider to be the 5 biggest mistakes that local businesses make with their Facebook Ads.

The process of creating a Facebook Ad is SIMPLE & extremely affordable! It’s Facebook’s way of making advertising accessible to all businesses. Smart, hey!

That little boost post button that appears underneath all your posts, is the most basic form of Facebook Advertising. It promises an increased reach for just a couple of dollars and it’s just all too tempting for the small business with a tight budget and little experience when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

The problem with the process being simple and so readily available is that most businesses are completely unaware of the more detailed (and slightly more complicated) advertising features that can and WILL drastically improve the performance of your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

I truly believe that Facebook Ads (when done right) are extremely cost-effective and provide a great return on investment.

With that being said, here are what I consider to be the 5 BIG mistakes that small businesses are making with their Facebook Ads.

#1 – Using the Boost Post Function

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is definitely a time and place to Boost a post, but the Boost Post function is very limiting when it comes to the type of Ad you create.

If you haven’t already discovered the Facebook Ads Manager – it’s available to you if you have Adminstrator access to a Facebook Page – and you can find it here.


Creating Ads using the Ads Manager and PowerEditor makes managing multiple Ads so much easier, plus it provides added features such as:

  • The ability to target a more specific audience
  • The ability to create multiple Ads within one Campaign
  • Detailed insights into your Ads performance
  • The ability to run your Ads on Autopilot for the period of time that you choose and on a daily budget that you set.

In short, Ads Manager is a must if you want to seriously advertise on Facebook.

#2 – Poor Targeting

By far, the most powerful feature within Facebook for Advertising is the ability to directly target your Ads to your IDEAL customer…

It’s the most crucial step to setting up a Facebook Ad Campaign that can be both profitable and automated, and yet not many local businesses successfully do this.

The most basic targeting features are:

  • Age: Choose any age between 18 – 65+
  • Gender: Male or Female (Fairly obvious one!)
  • Location: You can choose to target the whole of Australia, specific states, cities or even a specific suburb, you can even include a radius of 10kms around that suburb.

However, to be really successful in your Ad Campaigns, you really need to be thinking about using (or at least setting up) the advanced targeting options, such as:

  • Website Traffic: Add your Facebook Pixel to your website (or send it to your developer). This is so that you can start tracking people that visit your website. Facebook then builds an audience for you out of these visitors which you can show ads to.
  • Creating a custom audience: This feature allows you to create your own audience. If you’re into email marketing, you can upload your email list to Facebook and target your ads to your list. There’s also an option to create an audience based on people that have engaged with your content on Facebook.
  • Lookalike Audiences: A lookalike audience is an audience that has similar attributes to your current Facebook fan base or existing custom audience.
  • Interests: This allows you to target people based on topics they may already have shown interest in on Facebook such as ‘Digital Marketing’, or even other Facebook Pages they already like such as ’The Wiggles’.
  • Behaviours: Target your audience based on their purchasing behaviour or the mobile device they use.
  • Connections: Target people who are already fans of your Facebook page or friends of people that already like your Facebook Page.

As you can see, there are so many ways to target your ideal customers on Facebook. If you’re currently spending money on your Ads and not seeing results – have a look to see who your Ads are being delivered to!

#3 – Having the right idea, but the WRONG Ad Campaign!

There are plenty of different types of Ad Campaigns that you can create depending on your overall objective & the results you’re looking to achieve.

The type of Ad Campaign you create will determine how Facebook delivers your Ad and who they deliver it to.

The 3 different types of Ad Campaigns are:

  • Awareness Campaign: Facebook will deliver your Ad to people that will be most likely to be interested in your Business.
  • Consideration Campaign: Facebook will deliver your Ad to people that will either click on your website, like your page, install your App or watch your video (depending on the type of Ad you create)
  • Conversion Campaign: Facebook will deliver your Ad to people that will be most likely to purchase, sign up or download your products and services from your website.


The type of Ad you create will not only determine how Facebook delivers your Ads, but it will also determine how they MEASURE YOUR RESULTS!

For example: If you own an online store and have created a conversion campaign, you will be able to track exactly how many people have seen your ad, clicked through to your website and purchased an item from your online store. This allows you to measure your advertising results and your overall return on investment.

#4 – Spelling Mistakes, Stock Photo’s and a Sales Pitch

I see ads on Facebook all the time that don’t appear credible or they’re just too ‘sales-y’ and so immediately turn me off as a potential customer. It might be as simple as spelling mistakes, the promise of unrealistic results or just a really poor choice of offer or promotion!

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, you’ve only got a split second to grab someone’s attention! Promoting a specific offer or product, rather than promoting your business as a whole can be a really great way to get customers through the door. An added discount, coupon or early bird offer is also a great way to entice people to take immediate action.

The image in your Ad is going to be what stops someone from scrolling through their newsfeed, and your copy is going to be what determines whether they click on your Ad or keep on scrollin’.

When it comes to creating Ads, I always recommend testing different images and copy by creating multiple Ads within your Ad Campaign (It doesn’t cost any extra). Facebook will then deliver all Ads to your selected Target Audience and provide you with the results showing exactly which Ad performed the best.

The images in your Ad, ideally should show people what you do, what your offering, who you are or how you can help them…

For example; If you’re a hairdresser, a before and after photo of one of your recent clients would get you much better results than a stock photo of a model with perfect hair (clearly photoshopped). Providing before and after photos helps to set expectations, build trust & grab attention!

Just make sure that all your photos are of good quality and the right dimensions for the Facebook Ad. Canva is an amazing & free resource that you can use to create Ad Images, you can upload your own photos and add your logo or some overlay text!

When it comes to copy; keep it simple and make it credible. There’s really no need for a corporate sales pitch on Facebook…

It’s ok to experiment with your copy, making it fun and conversational. Just make sure you spell-check your work. Be direct, clear & tell them exactly how you can help them, what you’re offering & provide instructions on how they can get it.

#5 – They give up & chuck it in the ‘too hard’ basket!

I’ve seen it time and time again! Businesses will spend $50 to Boost a post; not see any direct results and simply give up!

The SECRET to getting great success on Facebook is to: Test, Track & Optimise!

Test: Test different variable within your Ads, such as different promotions and offers, targeting, ad images & ad copy.
Track: Look at your Ad insights to see how well each Ad is performing. Facebook will provide you with insights for each Ad you create, making it really clear as to which one your audience is responding best to.
Optimise: Edit your Ads based on your results.

The ability to test Ads against each other and track results makes Facebook Ads far superior to any traditional form of advertising.

It might take some time to find your winning combination of choosing the right product or service to promote, targeting your ideal customer, crafting an Ad & writing copy… but when you do find that winning formula, you’re one step closer to having an automated lead & sales system!

Good luck!

Jess xx

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